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Single Protective Cover for Amico and Amica

Price: £29.00
Pre-Order Price: £23.20


Expected Delivery is November 2018.

As with most portable products, Amico can be subject to unintentional abuse. Keep your “friend’s” real teak wood veneer looking good with the removeable Protective Cover, custom designed to fit Amico.

Manufactured from premium silicone, the seamless 3 mm (0.12”) casing is soft and flexible, yet durable, without adding significant bulk or weight. In addition to providing reliable protection against bumps and scrapes, the Protective Cover also offers splash resistance and makes Amico easier to grip.The open front and rear design allow quick access to controls and inputs/outputs with no covers or flaps to open. The skin will also fit the Amica dedicated right channel speaker.

The Protective Cover is tastefully presented in matte charcoal with the Como Audio logo embossed in the top, as well as, a cost-effective way to protect your Como Audio portable music system.


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