Important Update to your Internet Radio Service

Please re-save your Preset stations following a recent change in service:

To save Presets and/or restore sound:

1.  Unplug:
Unplug your Como Audio music system and then plug it back in. 

2.  Tune a Station:
After the unit reboots, in Internet radio mode, press and hold the Play/Pause key on the remote control, select Station list > Stations > select either Location, Genre, or Search stations to find and select an Internet radio station. 

3.  Save and Enjoy the Music:
After the station loads and plays, press and hold one of the front panel Preset buttons to store that station to a preset. Repeat steps 2 and 3 above to store more stations to the remaining Presets.

To learn more about this important service change, please read our blog message.



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